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MrsDiligent’s First Sad Self Truth

The first sad self truth is that I am not a Saint.  Of all the things that are true about me, that I am not a saint is the most tragic.  But before you bounce off this blog lest the pathos kill you, be assured that this is not a tragic blog. I am terrible at tragedy. I just don't have the disposition for it.

Besides, the fact of the matter is that the only reason I'm not a saint is that my heart wasn't in it, not really.  For all the usual reasons, which I'll tackle here eventually.

And, if I'm honest, my heart still isn't in it.  But I've experienced a sea change and come to realize (kicking and screaming) that my heart doesn't have to be in it, so long as are my head and my will.

Therefore, I am committing, here and now, to becoming a saint.  Not a great saint, but a very ordinary, humble, hidden, anonymous one.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss what this project entails, and meet our guide for Phase I.


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